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Company Information
Company Name Bianco Japan Co., Ltd
Head Office Zip code 601-8362
47, Kishoin Nagata-cho, Minami-ku, Kyoto, Japan
TEL +81-75-693-5531
FAX +81-75-693-5522
Capital 311.07 million yen(2005 December)
Board members CEO
Yoshihiro Nagatsuka
Chouzou Nagatsuka
Shinya Suzuki
Yasufumi Oishi
Hiroji Nishihata
Principal financial institutions SUMITOMO MITSUI BANKING CORPORATION
Auditing corporation New Japanese incorporated accounting firm

Business contents
1. The production and sale of restoration products for tile, aluminium, stainless steel, as well as a stone protecting agent which we use indoors and outdoors.
2. Providing of instruction and assistance for the use of the products at construction sites.
3. The development of the resources, equipment and material of the aformentioned products.
4. The operation at sites which relate to large-scale-repair construction.

1996 November 12th Established the first facility in Kyoto, Japan.
Holding of stone protection and maintenance seminars in Tokyo and Osaka
(300 people attending each.)
December Development of an infrared ray stone drying and moisture removing technique.
Development of rust removing and restoration products.
1997 October Awarded A-class recognition for most scucessful new business by the Kyoto city government.
November Attending of a large stone repair and maintenance convention to introduce revolutionary restoration products.
1998 March Recognized by the Kyoto prefectural government for the promotion and additions to the local economy.
Receiving of funds from the government run Osaka small and medium-sized business investment corporation.
May Development of the water based graffitti and paint remover.
October Development of the tile cleaner.
November Development of the fluorine restoration coat.
1999 February Top award in the Kansai new business conference for engineering developments.
May Establishment of a new production facility.
July The Kyoto prefecture governor approval (general 11) 32543rd
2000 March Development of restorative products for plastic, vinyl and painted surfaces.
April Development of effloresence remover.
2001 September Creation of the renovation department at Bianco for residential work sites.
December Development of the aluminum cleaner.
2002 January Creation of the renovation department at Bianco for commercial work sites.
2004 October Alliance with Kansai paint, to sell for professional use, created.
2005 October Creation of Kanpehapio, the household use distributor, finalized.
2006 January Constructing the laboratory and the head office factiry in Kyoto.

Yoshihiro Nagatsuka
Nobuyuki Tani
JAFCO Co., Ltd.
NIF SMBC Ventures Co., Ltd.
Aioi Insurance Co., Ltd.
Chushin Venture Capital Co., Ltd
Asahi Life Capital Co., Ltd.
Resona Capital Co., Ltd.
ITOUCHU Finance Corporation