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Our company is split into two divisions : Sales and Renovation.

Sales(development and production)

Our company produces specific revitalizing products such as tile, aluminum, stainless steel and granite cleaner.
We are continuing to develop more products every day. People use these detergents to restore everyday materials to “like new” quality. We don’t think of our products as detergents but as restorative agents.

Renovation (contract job sites)
As time passes building materials age and are sullied by elements both natural and unnatural. We at Bianco Japan have a lot of on-the-job experience with these situations and are able to provide work-sites with both high-quality restorative agents and well trained personnel.
The composition of our products is developed through a daily process of trial and error. Everyday testing and reformulation leads to a constant cycle of improvements that can clearly be seen not only in a laboratory but at actual job sites.