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Glass Coat
BC-101B, BC-101BM, BC101B+UV, BC-101BM+UV

For Wood, plastic, metal, tile

Brief Description
Bianco Japans Glass Coat is a revolutionary new breakthrough for the protection of surfaces. Now any coatable surface will be able to benefit from the useful properties of glass. No longer will you have to worry about scratches in your wood floor from pets, fading due to UV rays or nasty smells from liquids that have soaked into your flooring.

No more ugly scratches
After applying the Glass Coat things like scratches from pets, furniture, or heavy usage are a thing of the past.
No more faded flooring
With the optional UV coating you can prevent the undesired fading of floors due to UV rays.
No more stains
The waterproof coating keeps liquids from soaking in, staining, and leaving bad smells.
No more high maintenance
Simply apply one coat and donít worry about another one for twenty years, even in high traffic areas.

Alcohol based
Optional UV protection
Liquid Proof
Scratch Proof
Non-slip surface
Stain Proof
Long life (upwards of 20 years)
Low maintenance (no reapplication needed)
Available in matte and glossy finish

For use on:
Wood (Flooring, Paneling)
Tile (kitchen, bathroom, etc..)
Plastic (Car bodies, cell phones, computers)
Glass (camera lenses, glasses)

Coverage………approx. 20g/m2
Available sizes……100g, 300g, 1kg, 2kg, 4kg
Price:………Please contact for price

Directions for use
1. Clean and completely dry target surface.
2. Apply coat using mop or sprayer.
3. Wait for coat to dry. After 15 minutes it is safe to touch. Complete drying takes 3 days. For each additional coat add three hours to drying time.
Note: When using sprayer please dilute approx. 2-3 times, when using mop please dilute approx. 1.3 times.

Suggested tools
Floor Mop
Spray Gun

*Before application make sure target surface is completely dry
*Before application some surfaces may require a primer
*Do not apply near open flames
*Be sure to keep work area well ventilated