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Easy Wipe Cleaner BJ-2000
For Plastic, Vinyl, Painted surfaces, Metal

Brief Description
Bianco Japans Easy Wipe Cleaner is uniquely designed to quickly and safely remove dirt, grease and tobacco stains from a variety of surfaces. It is a break from traditional cleaners which include strong cleaners like hydrochloric that are dangerous and awkward to use. Instead our product brings to you a professional strength product based on simple organic acids found in everyday food.

Our product uses only weak organic acids that are non-harmful to people and the environment.
Easy to use
There are no complicated procedures for using our product. Simply spray on, scrub gently until dirt is removed, and wash with water.
Multiple Uses
Great for cleaning ventilation fans, removing marker from elevator walls, grime buildup on monitors, ugly yellow grim from tobacco etc...

Water based
Creates no harmful gases during use
Won't damage or scratch surface
Safety gloves are not required for use
Does not contain small particles which could scratch surface

Suggested tools

Effective on:
Dirt (typical dirt buildup, grime on fans, monitors)
Grease (buildup on ovens, stoves)
Tobacco stains (ugly yellow discoloration)

Dilutable:………YES (1-4 times with water)
Coverage:……approx. 50g/m2(before dilution)
Available sizes: ..300g, 1kg, 2kg, 4kg, 20kg
(300g size is ready to use)
Price:……………Please contact for price

Directions for use
1. Dilute cleaner to desired strength
2. Spray Easy Wipe Cleaner on target surface
3. Scrub gently with appropriate pad
4. Wash surface with water
Note: for extra tough buildup please reapply as necessary

*Before use please test on low-visibility area
*Be sure to completely wash surface of residue
*Not for use on highly porous material (cloth, unvarnished wood etc...
*For use on glass dilute to ratio of 1:10 with water