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Rust Stain Remover BS-101P
For Stone, Tile, Metal, Concrete

Brief Description:
Bianco Japans Rust Stain Remover is specially designed to pull out and dissolve deep rust stains from stone, tile, and metal. It is a break from traditional cleaners which include strong cleaners like hydrochloric that are dangerous and awkward to use. Instead our product brings to you a professional strength product based on simple organic acids found in everyday food.

This product is a mix of weak acids and bases which is non-harmful to people, the environment and the material.
Easy to use
There are no complicated procedures for using our product. Simply coat the target surface, wait, and wash with water.
Custom tailored
Our product is specially tailored to remove tough rust stains from stone, concrete, tile, and other metals.
Use it anywhere
The gel type can be applied to both horizontal and vertical surfaces making it easy to coat those hard to clean areas.

Suggested tools
Rubber Spatula (for application)

Effective on:
Rust (heavy, deep rust stains)

Coverage:...approx. 150-300g/m2
Available sizes: .. 80g, 400g, 25kg
Price:……………Please contact for price

Directions for use
1. Apply coating to target surface, 1-3mm thick.
2. Wait as stain remover slowly turns purple
3. Wash surface with water (purple color will not dye surface)
Note: For normal stains allow 5-20 minutes before removal. For deeper stains apply for a maximum of 4 hours. Reapply as necessary.

*Before use please test on low-visibility area
*Be sure to completely wash surface of residue
*If cleaner comes in contact with stainless steel, glass, or aluminum please rinse immediately